Spread Windows Forms 15.0
GrapeCity.Spreadsheet Assembly / GrapeCity.Spreadsheet.Slicers Namespace / ISlicerItem Interface

In This Topic
    ISlicerItem Interface Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by ISlicerItem.

    Public Properties
     PropertyGets the label text for the slicer item.  
     PropertyGets a value indicating whether the slicer item contains data that matches the current manual filter state.  
     PropertyGets the name of the slicer item.  
     PropertyGets or sets whether the slicer item is selected.  
     PropertyGets the source name of the slicer item.  
     PropertyGets the slicer item's source name in standard English (United States) format settings.  
     PropertyGets the value of the slicer item.  
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