Spread Windows Forms 15.0
FarPoint.Excel Assembly / FarPoint.Excel Namespace / IExcelRead2 Interface / SetSheetViewColumnCount Method
The index of sheet.
The column count of sheet.

In This Topic
    SetSheetViewColumnCount Method (IExcelRead2)
    In This Topic
    Set the column count of an specified sheet.
    Sub SetSheetViewColumnCount( _
       ByVal sheetIndex As Integer, _
       ByVal columnCount As Integer _
    Dim instance As IExcelRead2
    Dim sheetIndex As Integer
    Dim columnCount As Integer
    instance.SetSheetViewColumnCount(sheetIndex, columnCount)
    void SetSheetViewColumnCount( 
       int sheetIndex,
       int columnCount


    The index of sheet.
    The column count of sheet.
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